Having some trouble with navigation in nested views

I’ve set up a quick codepen example to illustrate my difficulty.

When navigating from cart.items to cart.checkout the first view is covering the second.

I would appreciate any guidance with this one. Thanks, Haki.

Hi Haki,

I think you have slightly misunderstood nested views. Within the parent abstract state you should have only have one ion-nav-view which you then ‘inject’ either the list or checkout view into. Therefore the following code:

shoult just be…

(or similar)

then change both your list and checkout view to reference the home-view.

Hope this helps

Sorry code went missing… basically just put in one ion-nav-view called ‘home-view’ or similar into parent abstract state and then reference that in both your list and checkout states.

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Hey @pspivey, I do have some misunderstanding with the router.

I’m not sure I understand exactly what you mean by reference it in the nested view. Do you mind adding those code snippets ?


Hi Haiki,

Let me try again… Apologies only just got on to CodePen. See the link below.

Hope that solves it.

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Thanks @pspivey.
That did the trick !