Navigate from one nested view of a tab to another

Hey, guys!

I’ve got a problem with histories and tabs.
I’ve got 2 tabs with lists: “New tasks”, Current tasks
On each tab you see the list of tasks, and if you click any task you will get the details of that task.
If you are doing it from “New tasks” tab, you can accept this task as your own with button “Accept”.

After that, I do a post.request (create user_task with and return as result) and I would like to show task details but from Current tasks tab, navigating through application just like I did it by myself: clicked back button on new task’s page, then clicked “current tasks” tab, and clicked task i’ve just accepted.

How can i accomplish that? Thank you so much.

Thats a pretty complicated stack. It’s going to be pretty hard to offer suggestions unless we see some code that shows what you are doing exactly. If you setup a CodePen or Plunker sample maybe someone can figure it out.


Hello. I have a similar problem. Did you solve this?

Hi, I have also a similar problem with tabs and navigation
Let’s say I have a Home-Tab and a List-Tab.
On the list Tab is a list where you can click and get a detail view ot this item.
Now I would like to have some suggestions of details on my home-tab (for examples like favourites). These suggestions should link directly to a detail on the list-tab.
I created an codepen to show it:

Now the problem is: as soon as you click on a link on the home tab you never can navigate to the first page of the list-tab, which is the list itself.
How can I handle this? I thought about something that when the tab icon is clicked second time it will go back to the first page of tab, but that isn’t work.

Any help would be really really appreciated. Thank you.

I have basically the same use case as @dammit and @sbr11 describe. Still trying to figure out a workaround. Anyone figure this out yet?

Inject the $state parameter in your controller,

and use $state.go('your state as defined in app.js for default ionic');

or am i missing some major complications?
i almost never use the navigation stack for my routing.

That will get you to correct state but the back button won’t function properly since you’re skipping a state. Like say you have a list state that leads to a detail state. If you skip right to the detail state there will be no back button and no way to get to the list state.

Yes, that’s true. I’m using a javascript go back button i made my own for that,

	$scope.goBack = function() {

@sjerd yeah that will make you go back to where you last were but it won’t have the back button take you back to the list view that you’ve effectively skipped. Have you figured out a way to add views to the navigation stack manually?