Cordova Ionic 3 sqlite windows desktop app

Can somebody give the steps to create Ionic 3 app with SQLite database targeting windows platform?

I want to create an offline windows application using ionic 3, SQLite as database.

I am using cordova-sqlite-storage plugin it is throwing an error saying could not open database.

If someone can help me the steps i need to follow that would be great. I trying to build for Win 8.1 pro OS.

Thank You

I also could not install native sqlite plugin to browser.I fixed this problem like this.

import {SQLite, SQLiteObject} from "@ionic-native/sqlite";
declare let window: any;

 constructor(private platform: Platform
                private sqlite: SQLite) 

async transaction(): Promise<any> {
        let tx: SQLiteObject;
        if ("browser") ||"core") ||"mobileweb")) /* Mobile screen in desktop*/
        //if ("browser") ||"core"))  /* For Browser*/
            return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
                let tx = window.openDatabase("MyDatabase", "1", "SOS DB", 1000000);
        else { /*Native Devices*/
            await this.sqlite.create({name: "MyDatabase.db", location: "default"})
                .then((db: SQLiteObject) => tx = db)
                .catch(e => console.log(e));

            return new Promise<any>(res => res(tx));

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