Has anyone tried Node 10.0 yet?


I’m thinking of upgrading today. Has anyone done this yet? Does it work well? Or are there strange errors?

Edit: track 10 is going to be the new LTS. So 8 is only the LTS for a little while longer.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Use of const in strict mode

Bad news folks. Node 10 is not compatible with the postinstall script of node-sass. I reverted to Node 8.11. You might recall that node-sass had this same issue with Node 9, and didn’t fix the problem for weeks. So it may be a while before Node 10 is available.

I’ll mark this as the solution, and change it if someone posts later on that node-sass fixed the issue.


I was annoyed when I upgraded to node 10 and node-sass gave me an error.

I deleted everything that ionic adds to .gitignore (I cloned the project again) and I did npm -i and it was working again.


Do you know what you deleted? I just assumed node-sass was doing it again. But if it’s an Ionic build issue, not a node-sass issue, maybe it’s easy to fix.


I kept those files