Ionic install is broken!

I am having a lot of problems with Ionic recently after updating!

I have just installed Node-js v0.10.36 (since it is supposedly compatible) then done a fresh install of ionic -g

I created a new project and then checked the node modules and the gulp dependencies are all broken! This means that running ionic setup sass just does not work and errors. Any ideas what is wrong here and how to fix it?

I have done npm cache clear AND gone into the node_modules directory and manually deleted everything for ionic but still it doesnt work with a fresh install.

Please help! Thanks

I don’t see any problems on your screenshot

did you run npm install before you ran ionic setup sass?

my guess it it might be a permission issue

@bobrov1989 @cyprusglobe

The actual ionic package installs fine but the nested dependencies for gulp were not installing.

I think I have finally sorted this (with a lot of trial and error) by installing gulp globally with npm install -g gulp and also installing each of those broken dependencies one at a time into the directory

the reason i suggested npm install is it will install all the dependencies,
prior to whats in the package.json file.

Ah yes, magic! Just tried that on another new project and that does resolve it. Thanks very much!!

Would have thought ionic should do that automatically though?

In theory yes it should, maybe @mhartington can help.

So why don’t we bundle all the build tools referenced in a project package.json?
Well this way, we are only including things that we actually need to make the cli work.
Plus, if a project doesn’t call for any gulp tasks, then why include it?

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@mhartington Very true! However, I’m sure that in previous versions I have just been able to create a project and run ionic setup sass and all of that was taken care of for me? I’ve never had to install other dependencies myself.

P.s. thanks for explaining! :slight_smile:

Right, that seems to be where the issue is.

Let me boot up my windows VM and check it out.
Would you mind pasting in your ionic info?

$ ionic -v
# should be ionic 1.3.16

$ ionic info
# will print out the environment info
C:\Users\Matthew\Documents\IonicProjects\testApp>ionic -v

C:\Users\Matthew\Documents\IonicProjects\testApp>ionic info

Your system information:

OS: Windows 8
Node Version: v0.10.36
Cordova CLI: 4.3.0
Ionic Version: 1.0.0-rc.1
Ionic CLI Version: 1.3.16