Relation of node-sass to Ionic 4

@mhartington FYI:

Could someone please clarify for me the relation between node-sass and Ionic 4?

Motivation for question: I’d like to build a Node partition with Node 10, npm 6, and Ionic 4, but I’m concerned about it blowing up on me after I put in work, because of node-sass incompatibility with Node 10. Best situation would be if I didn’t need node-sass at all to use Ionic 4. I know there was some talk about decoupling sass from Ionic, but I’m not clear on the status of that.


With Ionic/angular 4, sass is completely optional.
We’re putting in the effort to finish up the theming docs and setup to better demonstrate this.
But really, the core feature we used sass for (variables) are available in css variables.

We’ll be sure to push a few demos that use only css to show this.