Handle Push action buttons without opening the App


I’m using Ionic1 and the OneSignal plugin to receive push notifications.
Now, I’m seding push notifications with Actions buttons.

I’m wondering if it is possible (I think no), with Cordova/Ionic, to make possibile for the user to click an action button on the notification (like ‘Mark read’), and make an action without the need to launch the App.

This is an example:
I’m sending an Push message to the user’s device to remind him an appointment and ad Action button i send “Confirm appointment”.
I would like this action to triggher an action (like calling a confirm url to the server) without the need for the whole App to be launched.

Thank you,

Which platform are you targeting?
Can other apps do something like this? Do you have example screenshots or videos?


Currently I’m working on Android but the App will be deployed for iOS too.
An app that it is doing what I say it is the Freelancer.com App.

I don’t know the technology behind, it is probably a native App, this is the screenshot.

You can press the “Mark as read” action button without the app to get opened.

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If a native app can do this, Ionic apps can do it - that’s what Cordova plugins are there for.

I would you suggest how to achieve this native. I would start in the docs of push services like OneSignal and Firebase. They probably document how to do something like this. If you found some docs, come back and we’ll figure out how and if this is possible with Ionic.

Well, yes this App does this.

I hoped someone here had already done that and could give me a hint.
Anyway I’ll search in the direction you suggested.

Thank you.