OneSignal action buttons with Ionic?

In my app I’ve integrated OneSignal for push notification. In onesignal’s documentation I’ve read about Action Buttons but I don’t understand if they are only for native application with Android Studio/ Xcode or can be used also with ionic. this is the reference.

So, it’s possible to implement action buttons also in Ionic?

Thank you

up :frowning: still the problem

Have you tried to implement it like descriped here

and here

Best regards, anna-liebt

I saw the documentation but there is no code for Ionic, only native apps or chrome. I’m able to add buttons from the one signal dashboard, but not handle the click event on the code…I don’t find any reference / example or code…


try to implement the javascript examples.

Best regards, anna-liebt

that code it’s for chrome and don’t show how retrieve the id of the action button clicked and how to interact with the event…
there is no documentation, I don’t understand why :frowning:

up :frowning: I’m not able to solve this problem…

The return of handleNotificationOpened() when you click on an action button has an object with the actionID of the triggered button.