Hackathon starter pack for ionic2 + firebase 3

I just put some new app on Github with Firebase + Ionic2 hackathon starter pack.
its a starter pack for everyone that wants to build an ionic2 app that uses firebase as a backend. It comes complete with User Registration, Login, Google+ Authentication, reset password and so on.
So when next you want to start build and android/iOs/windows app you already have a great load off your shoulder.
Here is it on Github: https://github.com/daveozoalor/ionic2-firebase-hackathon-starter
Hope it helps someone. Pls dont forget to star and pr.

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Awesome!! Thanks🎉

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GUys …I am Try the Hackathon Starter Pack …

WHile Ionie Serve Command …

Output like Full White Screen …

How to SOlve the blank error ?

Ok, will get back to you on the blank screen error.
As for the full website screen. You need to right click on the app on your
browser page, select “inspect element”.
There is a phone icon on the extreme top left of the " inspect element"
screen. Click on it once.

This process is also explained in the video tutorial if you keep watching.

Share The Video Link … Bro

its in the readme of that github project.
here is my Youtube channel link: youtube.com/c/braintemorg

you’ll find “Ionic and Firebase” tutorial

Bro … i am execute the follwoing command after downloading your code .

npm install -g --save firebase

npm install -g --save typings

typings install --save firebase

.blank output …white screen …is gulp is neccessary for building & Compiling for your project ?

Perhaps this was useful at some point in time, but that point is solidly in the past. I don’t think it’s worth bothering with now.

Change the code you have in your app.component.ts to:

var user = firebase.auth().currentUser; //this is what to change

    if (user) {
        // User is signed in.
        this.rootPage = TabsPage;
    } else {
        // No user is signed in.
        this.rootPage = LoginPage;

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