Graphical malfunction with Crosswalk webview

With the default Webview, everything was just fine. The problem happens when I tried Crosswalk.

With Crosswalk@12 appear strange graphical bugs.
Tapping, dragging or something like those cause random ghost elements to appear.

random means “I don’t know exactly what triggers the bug”.
ghost means that it’s only a graphical bug. I mean, if you tap a ghost element covering an actual element, you still tap the latter, so everything except appearance works.

In addition, when debug console(chrome://inspect) highlights at least one element (you know, colored transparent overlay), the bugs will disappear, causing only frame rate loss.

I tested it only on Galaxy S3(4.4.4) and Galaxy Note 2(4.4.2), haven’t tested with diffrent versions of Crosswalk yet.

I am also facing same issue on some sony phones. xperia c3 and t2 ultra.
did you find any solution for this graphics issue.

I have attached some screenshots of issue

Me too have similar issue and I’m not able to solve it.

In my case this happen only in Android 5.0+ (in a device with Android 4.4 there isn’t this issue). As soon as I put device in landscape, that issue vanish and if I put back the device in portrait mode it works normally without any problems.

Does anybody find a solution?

After spending some hours on this issue, I solved it.

In my case, adding to tag <ion-content> the attribute overflow-scroll="true" make it works correctly.

The resulting tag: <ion-content overflow-scroll="true">

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