What crosswalk really bring to ionic projects


i have posted a question here before with no replays, i don’t know if am the only one who is facing this but after adding crosswalk the performance is better but not that’s better as i expected still can see lagging also my app start crashing after logging via facebook and google+ and i can’t figure out why just after adding crosswalk

Also i noticed the title of a view get under the menu button at times. other things i don’t know if it’s me doing in wrong way or it’s crosswalk but, lets say one of the functions fail why the app crash and get closed.

Any answers will be great help.


Crosswalk just brings modern chrome(the same as you can get from google) and allows you to embed it into your project to get a more up to date webview.

That being said, it also requires cordova-android 4x, which some plugins still haven’t update for. Depending on the plugins you are using for the various logins, it could cause some issues.

For the titles, not sure what would cause that. There could be some issues if you’re using custom css, not setting up the nav-bars correctly, etc.

I put together a simple project with crosswalk added and couldn’t get the titles to side under the menu button. Could you provide a demo where this happens?


Thank you for your replay i believe that the app i working on has bad css which might cause such a problem, but what surprise me is the crash i start to get when i login using facebook and google+ where am using satellizer with no plugins , also crash after trying to upload a picture am using camera plugin and file transfer plugin. that’s pretty much it.

The performance is better but i tested the app with few people they complain about being a bit slow. to get over this and after using crosswalk i have only to refactor the code but i would appreciate it if you can point some methods to boost the performance.