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Please any one tell how to draw graph in ionic?


See this


ok thanks for ur help


Check out d3 charts, or any of the other charting tools which work with Angular, I personally found d3 to be quite easy to implement, but I didn’t give them all a go. A quick google search for AngularJS charts should get you underway.


I’m at the same stage, looking for a plug-in for simple pie and line charts. I found this interesting analysis and angular-ready chart solutions:

I think I am going to try her first suggestion,

Later: It was almost trivial to add in Chart.js + tc-angular-chartjs and now my app has some beautiful donut charts.

As to the question of making them responsive, I’m not really sure what you mean. I put my donut charts in their own

and control the
visibility with a css media query, so that’s responsive.


Can u make the charts from Chart.js responsive. I have tried but was unable to so. i think this has to do something with them using canvas.


@saurabhgupta050 Am just giving a try .But getting error something like

TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'getContext' 

I have added canvas object in html file.