Best Practice/library for implementing charts on Ionic?



Can someone recommend/suggest a better/good js library to implement Charts in Ionic ?
I’m a beginner to data representation using charts in js and at the moment I have heard that D3.js and highcharts.js are some good libraries.

Thanks in advance! :wink:


I’m using D3. You have to handle some things yourself (screen rotation) and the graph doesn’t update automatically when the data changes, but in my case that’s OK.
You could achieve the update on data change, it’ll just make it a bit harder and may be covered by another library (angular-charts seems good though it didn’t have the specific chart I needed)


For any charts I’ve had to make, this has always been a good go to


@mhartington How to fullscreen some chart on the web page ? ? In Ionic I want to have small chart but in the web I want to have a possiblity to fullscreen a chart.