Got error " E/chromium: [] Cannot start http server for devtools. Stop devtools. " in ionic app while runnung in android studio

How can I solve this problem?

I am facing the similar issue.
The app is crashing in the actual device

Any solution to this error?

I have solved this problem by deleting my platform and all plugins.

Fresh install platform (“ionic cordova platform add android/ios” and then run “ionic cordova run android” ) and plugins i hope that will work for you.

Thank You

Sure. Let me try it out

No luck, app crashes once I try to login to the app

Make sure you have installed all plungins again and also rebulid your gridle in android studio and then run

Did all of that, but still the same issue.
Do you have logical explanation on why this could happen?

I got the android app working.
Android is adding the dependency com.squareup.okhttp3:okhttp which is set to 3.+

Now it picks up the latest version of this library which is 3.11 (pushed July 11th)

This was causing the app crash.

Getting to this point took considerable amount of time and investigation as cordova internally pulls up this dependency and is not specified in the ionic package.json.

Solution to this problem:
We need to manually update in platforms/android with the below entry:

Run ionic cordova build android

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Solution worked form me thanks! Saved me a ton of work :slight_smile: