Google Play Automation Error: "set the query parameter changesNotSentForReview to true"

We are getting this error when we attempt to automate sending our aab to Google Play after a successful build.

[!] Google Api Error: Invalid request - Changes cannot be sent for review automatically. Please set the query parameter changesNotSentForReview to true.

We don’t have a fastlane script, and we are unclear how we would use one within appflow. It’s our understanding that we have to set a “changes_not_sent_for_review” flag to “true”, but it’s unclear to us how to do this.

Is this still occurring? It shouldn’t. Please email with the email you use for Appflow and our team will investigate. thanks!

We’ve just got this error today on an AppFlow build for the first time - is there a solution?

Hi @richardshergold - send us a note, thanks.

OK, we determined what’s happening. This message will be shown when Google Play previously rejected an app update:

Depending on your app’s update status, it may not be sent for review automatically. For example, if your app update was rejected and you’ve subsequently made changes in an attempt to resolve the issue, your changes aren’t sent for review automatically. You must go to the Publishing overview page and click Send for review to submit your changes. To learn more. go to App update statuses.

To resolve this, log into Google Play and submit changes manually. Then going forward (assuming no more app rejections) you should be able to automate sending the build from Appflow to Google Play. I’ll make a note with the Appflow team to improve the error messaging within Appflow so it’s more clear as to what is happening.