Google Maps, UiSettings.setMapToolbarEnabled(boolean)?

I want to disable that toolbar. Google Maps API document says I should use UiSettings.setMapToolbarEnabled(boolean), and to get the settings object, I should call getUiSettings(). But I cannot find such method. How can I do this with Ionic?

I recommend you read the official document before asking.

    // Change the map options
      'controls': {
        'compass': true,
        'myLocationButton': true,
        'indoorPicker': true,
        'zoom': true,
        'mapToolbar': true   // currently Android only

I am sorry for that. I had read the official document. To be precise, I had searched the it, because it was very long. I used the keyword “search” as the native function name was UiSettings; that is why I failed to find it.