setMyLocationButtonEnabled instance member not found in ionic-native Google Maps

I’m having an issue with the instance member of Google Maps native plugin for Ionic framework (latest version - 2.0).

The instance member is setMyLocationButtonEnabled(enabled).

The map has been displayed correctly, as I’ve configured it with API keys and added the plugin module to NgModule in the app.module.ts file.

Yet I’m not 100% sure I added the plugin correctly, I’ve done it this way:

import { GoogleMaps } from '@ionic-native/google-maps'

And also, I’ve checked the npm list and it shows the following regarding the google maps packages:

I’ve tried installing this package, but when I copy the link with the last bit “#2.6.0” it says it can’t find the package. It works without that, and I installed it but it didn’t change anything.

Anyone knows what should I do?

Thanks in advance!

Just to address the myLocationButton,

I think it should be


Of course it should, but it isn’t yet implemented in the ionic-native package, giving the following error:


I opened a GitHub issue here:

The plugin creator is waiting for the Ionic team to launch a new version, because the feature it’s already implemented, as seen here in this PR:

Yet, it’s still not working…

Ahhhh I see what you mean now. Wish I could help, but it’s out of my scope.