Google Maps SDK (Cordova) VS Google Maps JavaScript SDK

Hi guys,

i need using google maps in my app ionic3 . I don’t know what of this two options is better. Someone can help me?


I have a strong preference for the Javascript SDK. Implementing the Native SDK in a web based application is quite a hack - it relies on displaying a native view behind the web view, and making a whole bunch of the web view transparent so that it can see through to the native view behind.

I prefer the JS SDK because it was made to work in a web environment, the Native SDK was not.

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and run correctly in iOs and android?

thhnks you so much!

one question, how do you know if the GPS was active in the device? thx

I agree. I’m rolling my map back to JS version.

The biggest problem is native SDK it’s too painful to draw correct driving path between locations… JS version does this automatically. SDK version is maybe good for different kind of use which doesn’t require travel path.

I think Angular maps is the best solution for people using Ionic.

Most importantly, Google Maps native SDK cordova version is missing this feature: