Google Maps API Info Window

I want to implement info window similar to how the native Google Maps apps have. I have seen viewing Map on a normal browser via the phone also have same look of the info window.

On Android its known as Bottom Sheet. Since its possible to get same look on a mobile browser i believe it might be possible to have that in ionic 2 as well ?

i guess this is what you are looking for
Ionic Component Action Sheet

I have looked at that Option. But it does not fully suite my needs. I wish to display some images and some text on bottom of the screen when a button is click (displa only 20% bottoms of the screen). If user drags up the , than a page/Modal/ view /drawer should open up displaying a total set of new information. The image and text shown initially should disappear

I’m don’t think there is a built in component like you want …
Guess you have to make custom one

found this might help you, but it is made using ionic 1

I have looked at that as well. But does not actually do what i want it to

I am thinking of having a footer displayed only when a button is clicked. My next goal is to actually some how drag the footer up and at the same time have a Modal open up with animation.

Any Ideas?

You can put a button on the footer like expand
And when clicked it opens a new modal representing what you want then closing the footer if you want or keep it in the background