Google docs link to ionic 4 app

Dear all,

I am creating an essay app for my school where users download the app from play/app store. I will be putting ALL THE ESSAYS in a google doc, and copy the SHAREABLE LINK and paste it here located in the HTML tag so all the users can read the essays.

My question is, is it advisable to do so? Will I face any issues in the future? Or is there a better place to store my essays and display it to my users?

Please advise. Thank you so much.

I would characterize this as a highly unusual design.

A much more typical plan would look like this:

  • choose a format for the essays - I would use Markdown due to its nice balance of ease of authoring, richness of expression, and ease of processing

  • decide how essays are to be categorized - do we want to group them by topic? do we need fulltext indexes of the text? do we want human-curated keywords?

  • choose a storage host - I use containerized PostgreSQL because it’s open-source, fast, and has the power of a great relational database. I know Firebase is popular. If the essays are mostly static once written, they could be stored in a vault like S3 (or the many clones), keeping only links to them in the database itself

  • write a middleware application that manages access to the essay database, responding to REST HTTP requests. I write all mine in Go using gocraft/web; I know others like PHP or Node.js.

  • write an admin webapp used to manage the document collection. most frequently this is completely separate from the client Ionic app, although in some cases they can be combined. I simply use vanilla Angular here, with a UI toolkit like angular/material.

A monolithic Google Doc sounds like a maintenance nightmare to me, as well as being heavy and wasteful to retrieve and process. Also keep in mind, especially since you mentioned app store distribution, that app stores (especially Apple) are very quick to reject “apps” that are just thin veneers over content that could just be presented as an ordinary website. Providing the ability to search, comment on, annotate, &c in addition to mere display of the essays would go a long way towards making this app seem more worthy of the name “app”, provide much more value to its users, and by extension, the blessing of app stores.

Noted, thank you so much for advising me, I really appreciate it.