Google Analytics without plugin

Hi Everyone,

We want to add Google Analytics to our app. We want to try the approach without using plugin. I simply added the gtag.js into the of index.html. And it started working when running on Android. Pageviews are showing in the realtime report. However in iOS this is not working. Pageviews are not showing up when running on emulator or on a real device. Anyone know the reason for this and how to resolve it?

Thanks a lot.

I can’t answer the Question, but here is what i think: Using Google Analytics is the wrong Way. Google Analytics stoped mobile Support (exclude 365 Customers, but will in future too). You should use Firebase Analytics. Also i would suggest to use it with a Plugin:


Hi Hans,

We are looking for using Google Analytics with a mobile application but through the Google Analytics plugin, would you still recommend to use Firebase rather than Google Analytics?

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Same Answer. Mobile Support is dropped and Firebase is the new “You should use” Analytics Tool!