Was Google Analytics replaced by Firebase?

I saw the Google announcement that Firebase Analytics is rolling under the Google Analytics brand. Ok no problem. But I tried creating a new Mobile App property in Google Analytics, and its only giving me the option to link up a Firebase project. All of my GA accounts now only allow me to link to Firebase if I want a Mobile App property.

This is all to integrate with Ionic Native’s Google Analytics plugin, which requires a UA web property and not a Firebase style app ID.

If Google is requiring Firebase for app analytics, all good - its their product. But I’m honestly wondering if I’m the first few people trying to integrate Universal Analytics after a major change by Google. No open tickets in the related repos yet.

Ionic Native for Firebase is still in beta, or it would be simpler to just jump onto that. Is anyone else seeing this change?

No constructive help, sorry, but: Can’t you just create a Website in GA and used that ID? Was there ever an actual difference between “Website” and “Mobile app” besides the installation instructions?

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I’m currently trying to find out whether to use Google Analytics or Firebase Analytics for an Ionic app.

Am I wrong in thinking that it is possible to use both simultaneously?
For Google Analytics, I would create a website property for the app and use that UA-number, as Sujan12 proposed.
I would implement both using the respective Ionic Native plugins, Google Analytics and Firebase Analytics.

Sounds like what I would try.
(But beware of the overhead analytics always add…)
(Because of this I would see if something like segment maybe can send data to both)

Hey guys, any solution? I’m also having trouble with this change