Google analytics using cordova plugin not working

Hello everyone, I am trying to configure google analytics in my Ionic Cordova app but it’s not hitting the google dashboard. I am using the following:-

“cordova-plugin-google-analytics” version 1.9.0 GSM 11.0.1

@ionic-native/google-analytics”: “^4.20.0”,

Angular version 5

Cordova version 8.1.1.

below is the snippet of the code I am tracking the view but it’s not showing anything on the dashboard and it returns no error.

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
.then(() => {“DashboardApp”);
.catch((e) => {
console.log(“its not happening”);

Google Analytics for mobile Devices is not supported anymore (only still works if you have an 365 Account). You should use Firebase Analytics.