Google Analytics Plugin not working?


Im using the following plugin

cordova-plugin-google-analytics 0.8.1 “Google Universal Analytics Plugin”

And using it like this:

I replaced the id with my own (On Google Analytics should i create an app or a Website?)
Building worked fine after i installed android sdk components.

Im testing on my phone and i inspect the log in google chrome (with chrome://inspect). There is no message that indicated, that the plugin cant be loaded. Nevertheless, i dont get any feedback on Google Analytics dashboard.
I’ve read that i have to wait about a day. But when i monitor the networktraffic i dont see any requests that are analytics releated.

My Code:

if ((typeof analytics !== "undefined" && analytics !== null)) {
          console.log("start tracking");

“start tracking” gets logged.

Any ideas?

same here. Did you solve it?

I have a feeling I need to wait 24h as it is newly created GA account

Yes working now after 24h wait