Cordova google-analytics-plugin plugin not tracking data in GA


I followed this tutorial to setup the plugin in my app:, however my GA doesn’t show any tracking data at all. I use following method to test it, it runs with any error and out put the correct success message as well. any idea?


analytics.trackView(state, function(success){
console.log("** tracking success");
}, function(error){
console.log("** tracking error");


In my experience with GA, the non-realtime reporting lags behind by about a day. So if you haven’t waited a day, do so.

Also, make sure you’ve replaced Nic’s sample GA ID with your own.

Hope this helps!


Hi I waited a day alread : (
GA ID is the tracking ID right? UA-xxx-x, right?



You could try the plugin with ng-cordova, which has been tested a bit more.


@mhartington The ngCordova plugin is just a wrapper for the plugin he is already using.


Are you testing through your web browser or on the actual device? Also, have you tried running in debug mode (


Its resolved after recreate the app in GA and another 24 hours wait