Google Ad Manager / prebid - ad personalization issues on Capacitor apps

We have Google Ad Manager/prebid implemented in our Capacitor apps. When viewing our website from a browser, personalized ads are being delivered. When using the Capacitor apps, ads are displayed, but they appear to be totally generic and not personalized at all.

How can we serve personalized ads in the Capacitor apps? It seems that whatever mechanism used for personalization isn’t working for us in the Capacitor apps. There must be a better solution than changing to another platform from Capacitor, since Google Ad Manager is so widely used.

We are aware of the AdMob plugin, but we are also selling ads directly to advertisers and AdMob is unable to offer this functionality.

Thank you for any help!

as i can understand you can used capacitor admob plugin as you say and used npa setting and check for personalization and for your own ads you can apply any flag and ads data from server side according to them you can show google ads and your own ads on apps with “ad” tag on image and handle all the event/code according to them. and for other platform i think you have must do R&D before moving.

Thank you! I appreciate your insight.

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