Implement Inline Advertisement

We are using ionic capacitor for our app and with inline advertisement. The ads should be displayed between ion-cards or anywhere in the page content and is able to scroll along with the screen.

The recommended Admob library for capacitor is from Capacitor Community (Ads | Capacitor Documentation) library. However, this library does not fulfill our needs, as it generally supports only full screen mode or banner ads which only hovers above the app with a fixed placement.

Here are the ways that we have tried:

  1. Implement Native Ad from admob plus (Native Ad | AdMob Plus)
  • We manage to “force” the ads to move up and down with the page scrolling, but this method has a very big impact to the performance.
  1. Implement Banner Ad from @capacitor-community/admob (Ads | Capacitor Documentation)
  • It can be display on our application but it only available view from top, bottom, or center only. The banner ad also is a overlay view, it won’t go up or down when scroll the view.
  1. Implement Adsense Banner Ad
  • We have host a adsense banner ad to our server, and try to use url to load advertisement. We able to view it from browser or in app browser, but when load the url with iframe and place the iframe code to our app, it only show a blank container.
  1. Create Own Capacitor Plugin
  • We have try to create own capacitor plugin to support the admob native ad (Yerel Reklam Şablonları  |  iOS  |  Google for Developers). We try to get advertisement data from admob sdk and return to capacitor code to render Ad UI. We are able to get the advertisement content that include headline and image and can return to capacitor code, but we are unable to find the method to trigger ad click action.

Is there any other possible solutions (free or paid) that we can try or use to achieve what we wanted?