Good practices in Ionic and angular.. where to find it?

Can someone give me a recopilation of good pratices in Ionic and angular?

Information about components, directives, imports, etc… I fell that i’m constantly lost This applies to Ionic 99% as well.

In general: Start small, iterate, test early and on device.

I tried do the Tour of heroes but i get stucked in Routing part… Maybe i get lost because that part it’s quite different to ionic

For example… how i’ll do in the right way a file with constant variables to use in all the parts that i need it??

That is indeed different from Ionic, but shows you how the general stuff works.

That is nothing you will need in the beginning. Later you might put those into a service that provides these constants to your code.

I’m about two months with ionic and i don’t know if i go too slow or what

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Hello Homer,

I am also new to ionic and all the stuff. First I got also stucked on the heroes tour, all is new and different to what I made before. Many things are explaind, but I can’t often find what actually goes wrong in my code. My knowledge is at the moment worse, but it gets better and better.

One of the best advice I got is: Do it in angluar/ionic way. But what is the angular/ionic way and how to learn that?

Start a new project, plan how it should work, then try to solve it And if you got a actual problem you can ask and search in inet.

For example I convert a bigger win10 app, so I have a structure what I want to do, but how to do it is completly different and all experience of that is often useless or worser it handicape me to see the angular way.

So my advice: Sketch how your app be, how it should work and try to do it. If you stuck on a specific problem you can ask and search for a solution for these specific problem.

At the beginning the steps are little and the learning curve is steep.

Best regards anna-liebt.

Greetings to Marge.

Hi anna. Thanks for the advices,

i’m about two months with ionic and i know how to do many things but my code is so confuse and not at all the angular way. I’m trying to fix that

Oh yes I know, but here are people like rapropos or Aaron and all others they will help with patient learning the angular way. Best with a specific problem.

Happy coding, anna-liebt