Glitchy transitions

I’m having a problem with my latest Ionic app, that is not happening on the other apps I have. When navigating from one page to another, some elements of the current page are not getting animated and remain on sight while the second page is displayed. Only when the page is fully displayed, they disappear. Check this video:

ezgif-6-4bf069b543b1 (1)

(pay attention to the buttons on the footer).

I tested moving out the buttons from ion-footer to ion-content but the problem remains. This is happening both on browser and on the device, and the only apparent solution so far is to disable animations.

Any ideas on why is this happening ?


Victor Espina

More info about the issue:

  1. The problem seemed to go away disabling the animations… but only on the browser. I just built the app and installed on my device and the problem remains.

  2. The difference between this app and other apps that doesn’t show this behaviour is that this new app is build with the newer versions for Ionic & Angular (left side is my old app; right side is the new app):

So it seems the problem was introduced on some update from Ionic or Angular :frowning: