Glitchy popup on android


Hello there,
Am doing a project where I get to convert some application to the ionic framework. Now I was running tests on android and I realized that with the ionic popup, there was some glitchy things going on while showing the popup. If I can describe it on my perspective, I can say that it showed some un-natural blue shapes at the bottom right side of the screen before showing the popup. Happens quite fast and the popup turns out OK. But you cant miss it. I want my application to be of high quality on all platforms. Has such an issue been tackled? Kindly reply with some link. Thanks


Yes happens same with me.

I dont know what the problem is. But it is exactly as you stated.

May be others are on ios7 and Android 4.4, except me and you. So they are not seeing it.

If you want it to be resolved fast, gift your testing phone to the ionic core team. May be then they will
eventually see it.

As of now, just stick with it.


Seems like I have no much of a choice at the moment. I also discovered that not all the time the glitch shows up. Like when you are having a popup after another. Well, hopefully someone will notice it and offer some assistance. I think its something to do with the showing animation, Thanks for your reply @siddhartha


@mxdodger could you give a codepen demo? If its happening too fast, then could you maybe try to record it using a screen recorder? I think the problem would need to be easily visible/reproducible so that it can be worked on.


How to record screen on mobile devices?

I dont think it is possible. If it is possible, then please let me know. I will be glad to provide what you are asking for.


If you can provide a codepen example of this, we can do some testing to try and reproduce it. What version of ionic are you using, Beta 9/Nightly Builds?

What’s your device, and what version of android are you working with?


A quick Google search for android screen recorder reveals many options, some of them feasible some not.
Is this glitch visible only on android or is it visible on browser too? One option is to record it on PC while running a simulator.


It is visible only on mobile devices.


Thats why we have mobile devices our selves :smile:

We can load it on the device and see what could be causing the issue.


Sorry I have been away for a while. I will make a sample app and record it to show what I mean. Mean while this is evident on android 4.2.2


Alright, I’ll test out our popup demo on a 4.2 device :thumbsup:


Did you test it?
Do you see the glitchy popups?


Got this when I tested.

Other than the blue highlight box, the popups are pretty responsive.


Yeah but I tested my app on a new Android 4.4.2 device and to my surprise the blue highlight box did not appear (which used to appear earlier) and the popups were super responsive.


Well the blue lines are because of the older android webview, tested on 4.2. I will test on 4.4.2 and see if I can get the same issues.


Hmm just tried the popups from the codepen demos and it worked fine a nexus 5 with 4.4.2.

Any chance you can put together a codepen of your situation and I can demo it? It will help figure out if there is a problem with your code or the popup component


OK, have a look at this:

var bonusQuestionPopup = ${
	title:'2x Bonus Question'
$timeout(function() {
}, 1500);

When I fire this popup on some UI gesture, then I get that blue highlight box and some glitches on top of the popup. It occurs on 4.2.2 Android.

Check your emaill.


Well, am still getting the same issue. Probably there has been no changes. Here is a video of my app and how its showing the popup.