Gitlab: commits not showing up

My app is linked with my Gitlab account and the latest commits are not showing up.

The “not showing up” has 2 flavors:
(1) Yesterday none of my latest commits showed
(2) Today I disconnected and reconnected the link to my repository in the settings and now the commits of my main branch show but none of my other branches

I have 4 active branches: main, dev, beta, prod
main: All the work (new content heavy real commits) is happening here
dev, beta, prod: All other branches mainly merge only the latest state of “main” into them.
This means that the latest commits are mostly merge-commits with the same name over and over again (but with some exceptions in between)

Re-linking the Gitlab repository seems to trigger a refresh.
main: the latest commits are now showing up in the list
dev, beta, prod: still nothing

All the latest commits on my “sub branches” have the same name as e.g. “Merge branch ‘main’ into prod”.
Maybe the script doing the poll-and-show ignores a commit if it has the same name as a previously already shown commit.

This would explain, why I see previous such commits to my sub-branches in the list but only the first one in the long list of equally-named-commits.

So I pushed some uniquely named commits to each of my main + sub-branches.
First none of my commits showed in the list.
After re-connecting my Gitlab repo the latest placeholder commit to my main branch showed but still nothing from my sub-branches.
Verifying on Gitlab shows that the repository is uptodate on the server.

As I had previously pushed all branches at once I also tried to push them one at a time.
But no difference. The latest commits on my sub-branches are not showing up.

Rel ?
There seems to have been another problem with Gitlab and commits not showing in January that was “solved”. Maybe it was, maybe something was missed.


I checked the Webhooks on Gitlab and the payload they transmit when sending the update to the Ionic API and it seems that the problem is with Gitlab.
Gitlab currently only submits the commits shown in my Ionic interface and misses to send all the updates to all the branches.

This seems not to be an Ionic platform issue but a Gitlab issue.

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