Switching Git repository does not show commits of the new repo in build editor

I have found the following interesting bug. I created a new private GitHub repo. I went to the Appflow dashboard, settings, deleted the old repo, added the new repo. And yet, when I started creating a new build, I am presented with commits to the old repo. Anyone faced that?

I tried logging out and back in, did not help. I tried creating another app, connect that second repo to it. Failed to create the build.

We’ve identified this as a bug. As a workaround, delete the Appflow App and create a new one pointing to the desired repository.

Was this bug solved? I have a client wanting to move to another repository host altogether. The workaround of creating a new App is not a workable solution here because of the installed base of android users where the app id is baked into the apps already deployed to the devices.
Before I greenlight the switch I would love a confirmation, or at least a bug ID in some kind of bug tracker so that I can get notified when the bug is solved.

Is that possible?

Hi Michael - this isn’t fixed yet but is in the backlog. To be honest, I’m not sure of the timeline for a fix since it appears to be somewhat of an edge case or rare situation (from the data we’ve seen).

Besides the case where switching repository host is required, are there other scenarios that you’ve encountered?

I do have some good news. The old commits will be there, yes, but all new commits should show up. That’s not perfect of course but this way you don’t need to delete the Appflow App.