Only commits on "master" are available

I just paid for the basic version of appflow and im trying to onboard my app, i have a branch called “appflow” that i want to use to test it before i deploy it to production, my problem is that i only see commits on “master” in the commits section

Hello Agt-admin,

Did you push to the “appflow” branch after or before linking to AppFlow? Please try making a new commit and pushing to the “appflow” branch you created and let us know if you are still unable to see the commit.


I have pushed it both before and after, i also created new branches. and the commits still didnt show up,
i have many branches in github but none of the commits in the show up, the last 6 commits of master are showing up

I just tried creating a new app on my personal account and it worked, but in my organization where i paid $500 for the basic plan i only see the default branch “master”. is this related to the organization or something?

I fixed the issue by going to my github webhooks on the ionic webhook the checkbox “active” was not checked, i checked it and pushed a commit and it worked

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