Getting log/crash data from phones


Does anyone have recommendations for getting logs / crash data from an ionic app that’s in production? We’re able to sort of keep track of things by tracking our API errors, but users are reporting app lockups, freezes and random behavior that we cannot replicate with our own phones or running the app in development mode.

I was also very interested in this issue. I looked at a lot of services for catching crash log.It seems that someone uses for this loggingService & $cordovaGoogleAnalytics
I also found several services:



I have not tried these services for my application…

Please who have used these tools, or any others for catching errors and crash logs accomplish your goal here is very important your experience :). Thanks

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We’ve been using atatus for about a week now and are very pleased with it. Easy to setup, great error data and custom logging is very simple. Definitely worth playing around with the trial

I try usage crittercism, it free - and all what need - is install the plugin width you api key for two aplication iOS and Android.
Crittercism also handle javascript error and native errors width stack trace…
It is a pity that no one writes about his method of catching errors :frowning:

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Maybe you could help me setting up Atatus, see next issue: Thanks in advance