Getting { errorCode: -2, message: "Billing is not initialized"}

I am using Ionic+Capacitor and React to implement the “cordova-plugin-inapppurchase”: “^1.2.0”. The same thing is working perfectly in the iOS but in Android I am continuously getting “Billing is not initialized” error. I have added the Manifest.json file with Base 64 code but still it’s not resolve. Please help me out.


Given there are two plugins available, you would be better off specifying which one you used…
Also you can checkout this link, one Hamzin, he has written on his implementation journey of In App Purchase… In App Purchase with Ionic / Cordova

Thanks for your reply. I am looking forward, which link you have shared. I am using this.

Hamzin implementation is not working for me.

Sorry if I sound a bit brash but the reason i pointed you to this link is to try help you in understanding In-App-Purchase implementation and not to duplicate his code…

I am not duplicating the code. I have just added the same thing what he have done but it’s not working anymore.