In-App Purchase in Ionic-React Second

using ‘ionic-native/in-app-purchase2’ plugin

-plugin work but after solving all error it not show any popup.
-cordova and ionic not support plugin.
-on android app show ionic-native call but plugin not found (but meanwhile, I already installed plugin ).

First off ionic-native is deprecated. See A New Chapter for @ionic-native - Ionic Blog.

Second, the creator of the Cordova plugin suggests using Cordova directly and not the Capacitor wrapper when using Capacitor since the wrapper is not up-to-date - GitHub - j3k0/cordova-plugin-purchase: In-App Purchase for Cordova on iOS, Android and Windows

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It’s not just that the Capacitor wrapper is out of date-- the “wrapper” is the types, which are now included with the current version of the cordova plugin, so there’s no need for a wrapper anymore.