Geolocation Tracker Accuracy Issue

Hi All,

I followed Simon’s Devdactic blog to build geolocation tracker. Here is the link of the blog:

Blog is perfect and all the steps are very well explained. I managed to build a tracker very quickly using the blog but there is some issue with path which tracker draws on the basis of collected lattitude and longitude. Attaching screenshot for your reference.

Can you guys please have a look and suggest the method to avoid these points which are not on roads. Do we also have some method to draw the map along with roads. Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

As I see in the screenshot, you did a long walk, so I guess the device wasn’t awake at some points in time, then your app was probably suspended. The best way to log this path is to run the code in a service, or by using Insomnia and let the device stay awake.

I was actually driving to test this. :slight_smile: While tracker covered most of the path correctly but at some points it really went off the track. That’s what i want to avoid. I want to draw the map along with roads to make it look more realistic.

You can skip storing geolocations that are less accurate. Try to check the value of position.coords.accuracy.

Is it a method which can be used in the code? What does it return?

It’s a field, expressed in metter. More details here:

Thank you. Will try that. Ideally what should be the accuracy level? Do you think accuracy<=10 is good enough?

It should be enough. Simply try it and check the result.