How to get precise location accurate to 1m in Ionic

I am trying to get the location accurate to 1m on android.

this.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(posOptions).then((resp) => {

 			 // resp.coords.longitude
            alert("The accuracy is "+ resp.coords.accuracy + " m. Location Accuracy is too low. Please Restart your phone.");
              return false ;     
			}).catch((error) => {

			  console.log('Error getting location', error);

Here I tried to submit location multiple time always it gives error low accuracy as the location accuracy is 1500m regardless of the fact that accuracy on android phone is set to “High Accuracy” .

No matter how many time I submit the accuracy does not increase until I restart the mobile phone. Also on the google map the location is incorrect.

How to achieve location precision? What should be done here in order to get the accurate location without restarting or doing anything as such. The accuracy must be under 100m. Here I am using Ionic Native geolocation PLugin Link.

Please suggest a way to achieve this.

Are there any other service providing location data other than google Map api?

I thing there is an error in the coding because when I was doing at the end it showed Invalid Code. If the code is okay then please let me know as I too want to do this. Thanks in advance for your help. Thanks and Regards, panda helper emu4ios gbwhatsapp

May be you missed following rest is same

   var posOptions = {
             enableHighAccuracy: true ,      timeout:30000,


The code is working fine rather accuracy is an issue which generally depends upon various factors . Some time device only does not work as that is more accurate way

Used background geolocation plugin which fixed the accuracy issue.