Geolocation or Background Geolocation?


I wonder which one to use between :

Background Geolocation :
Geolocation :

I mainly want to retrieve latitude and longitude data, display it on my view (ion-tab) then add a button (event on click : open the google maps on my application and directly go to my place)
One good thing will also be to detect if my native location option is enable or not with a pop-up when I click on my Location ion-tab.

Which one should I use additionally to the plugin of google maps ?

Thanks in advance for your time and answers :grin:

The Geolocation plugin is generally what you would wanna use.

Only use Background Geolocation if you need to collect location data in the background when the app is suspended.

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Alright, yes I realise that my question wasn’t really necessary… Sorry about that, anyway thanks and have fun :wink: