How to use Background geolocalisation?



I am trying to add this plugin:

So I am following the docs from ionic:

But it is not working at all.

Simply my code is:

import {Component} from '@angular/core';
import {NavController} from 'ionic-angular';
import {BackgroundGeolocation} from 'ionic-native';
import {Observable} from 'rxjs/Observable';
import {Platform} from 'ionic-angular';

  templateUrl: 'build/pages/about/about.html'
export class AboutPage {
  public AboutPage:string;

  constructor(platform: Platform) {
      this.platform = platform;

platform.ready().then(() => {

    // BackgroundGeolocation is highly configurable. See platform specific configuration options
    let config = {
            desiredAccuracy: 10,
            stationaryRadius: 20,
            distanceFilter: 30,
            debug: true, //  enable this hear sounds for background-geolocation life-cycle.
            stopOnTerminate: false, // enable this to clear background location settings when the app terminates

       .then((location) => {
            console.log('[js] BackgroundGeolocation callback:  ' + location.latitude + ',' + location.longitude);

            // IMPORTANT:  You must execute the finish method here to inform the native plugin that you're finished,
            // and the background-task may be completed.  You must do this regardless if your HTTP request is successful or not.
            // IF YOU DON'T, ios will CRASH YOUR APP for spending too much time in the background.
            BackgroundGeolocation.finish(); // FOR IOS ONLY
       .catch((error) => {
            console.log('BackgroundGeolocation error');

    // Turn ON the background-geolocation system.  The user will be tracked whenever they suspend the app.

// If you wish to turn OFF background-tracking, call the #stop method.



try this tutorial? also make sure to test in the emulator, it wont work in the browser.


Thanks. I am trying.


let me know how it goes, i didnt try it myself yet. but i will be implementing it soon. maybe you can share the code once you tested.


did it work for you?


This tutorial is working, when app is in foreground.
If app is background state its not working…

Please suggest me if i did any mistake.

Thank you…!


If you want to debug with location in your browser you can with Visual Studio Code. They have a cordova debug tool which is very handy.

Very easy to use (on mac at least)


Hi Sulot,

Thanks for the reply…!

I want to send user location to server(Web server), if app is in background or foreground.

Please help me, how to achieve this.