Generating splash and icons, receiving a message about using cached copy

Hello everyone,

I updated cordova to the newest release and am using ionic 1.2.1 on an existing app we have. I saw in xcode that we need a new image icon for the ipad pro so i had tried regenerating the splash and icon via the command line and it didn’t do anything. However my builds could no longer be uploaded to the app store because iconfile was being specified and could not be found. long story short on that, I removed that because now it looks like ionic generates the asset catalogues.

However during my blunders of figuring out what exactly was happening I generated some bad resource images. Now I put new ones in my directory and tried to regenerate them from the command line and it keeps telling me every time now that it is loading already generated resources from a cache, even if i delete both the android and ios platform as well as the generated files in resources there is some mysterious cache’d copies of the bad images being generated and copied right back into the platforms. To top this off now our splash screen for our google app no longer works which im assuming occured while i was trying to fix something i didn’t completely understand -_-. Where the heck is this cache or is there a command to do a clean resource generation each time for icons and splash screens? any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I am seeing similar issues.

I updated our logo and regenerated our resource files. The images seem to be labelled as coming from a cache.

Xcode is now giving me warnings about the icons being the wrong size. e.g. “icon-76@2x.png is 152x152 but should be 167x167”.

Obviously 76*2 = 152, so the calculation or image file is incorrect. I can no longer upload builds to the App Store because of this issue.

Hey Jamie,

While im still waiting on some advice for my issue your issue I think is the one I screwed everything up resolving. Double check the upload to app store error, the missized images dont seem to be stopping the uploads but the specific error you should check to see if it is affecting you is if it states unable to find the file referenced in iconfile. I forget the exact error message but apparently the resource command generates an asset catalogue for the images now on the ios platform rather than assigned files via the plist file and so the old iconfile option in your plist file is no longer needed and can be deleted. That was what actually solved that problem for me.