[Freelance] Texas Instruments SmartConfig iOS wrapper for Cordova/Ionic


We are looking to hire a freelancer to make a Cordova / Ionic plugin.

Texas Instruments makes a software package for configuring the CC3000 WiFi chip using a mobile device called SmartConfig
They also publish an example iOS application and source code I can provide the source code to anyone that is interested. It can also be downloaded from the TI website.

We are looking to create a working cordova plugin to be used in the Ionic framework. We are looking to expose the methods used in the sample code and create a working example Ionic program with the included plugin.

All code provided should be free of licenses as final code will become open source.

We have posted this on freelancer boards but would much rather award the project to someone passionate about Ionic / Cordova.

Please post any questions in this thread or contact me directly.


Hi Ryan !

You want to create the SmartConfig app in Ionic, is that right?


We did want to get this made. We sadly sourced dev from freelancer.com which turned out to be a lot of copy and paste rather than an actual plugin being developed. Then as we went to test the actual “smartconfig” process it turns out it no longer works on broadcom chips http://e2e.ti.com/support/wireless_connectivity/f/968/p/384654/1357939#1357939 (ie. NEARLY ALL PHONES!@#) So, this has been a fruitless effort.

We will be publishing (open source) the poorly written plugin with a readme that instructs people not to use it in production. But it may get other developers on a path in the event they want to test and or contribute.


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Hi @ryantology ,
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