[Freelance] Cordova camera advanced plugin

Hello all !

So our young startup will need a better camera plugin that the two available right now (CordovaCamera and CordovaCapture). A plugin that would let the user switch from photo to video mode, or to gallery, with a visually pleasing experience.

We designed the wanted result (not graphically speaking for now but just functionally) and it is available to see at this address :

As stated there, the mandatory platforms are Android and IOS, Windows Phone would be a plus (we’ll need to make it compatible in the future anyway). Also an Angular wrapper (NGCordova style) would be greatly appreciated.

If you think you can make it, please feel free to contact me directly :smile:

Please note also that I’m going to post this in several places.

Thank you very much, and long live Ionic !


What’s the schedule you need for it?

The project is already under development, so, well… ASAP as long as it’s well done :smile:

Will it be open sourced? And if yes, at what license?

Hi Dmitry. I spoke about this with some other guys before, and it doesn’t bother the company to open source the plugin functionally on Github or wherever the dev may want to publish it. We would just ask for the open source plugin to have a basic design, keeping our look and feel (still to be delivered) for our app.

Open source it would just help us make it stronger anyway, and it will help the community so well… :smile:

Thanks @JerryBels! Hopefully I will be one of the first developers who will tryout this plugin.

Hey guys, any news? How is it going?

@sidferreira is hard at work to make it reality, it should be ready soon, I will give the link here to the open source version whenever it’s available.