Half-screen Camera

I am trying to mimic the half-screen camera as exists in apps like Taptalk. The goal is to have a live camera in a self-contained view on the upper half of the screen with other, self-contained, scrollable content on the lower half of the screen.

I know ngCordova allows you to bring up the fullscreen camera component, and I know that doing this natively, at least on iOS would be relatively straightforward, but I’m really not sure where I would start trying to do this in a cross-platform way within a larger Ionic app. Would I need to write a custom Cordova plugin to handle this use case?

Any suggestions are more than welcome :smile:

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If anyone else ends up here, I ended up writing my own Cordova plugin, SnapsCamera.


Hey nice plugin! You should put together a demo with ionic and post it on the forum.

I’ll be sure to follow-up with an open-source version of the Ionic app when it launches – my company is hoping / expecting it to be included in the Ionic showcase.

Hey fisch,

are you planning an Android-supported version of this?