Do you guys want a Video Recording plugin?

Due to NDA I cannot reveal what, but my project had something to do with a recording video feature. I did this huge project in ionic and the only thing that was missing was a video recording feature, and there is literally not a single video recording plugin on the market for ionic capacitor, so I decided to build my own one.

It took me about 3 days, but I built a perfect video recording plugin. This is adapted to my custom requirements like video merging and text and hashtag feature.

But if there is enough interest, I can modify the plugin and bring it out on the market so people can use it, I can do constant updates as well and implement your requests as well.

If there is enough interest, I will do it, are people interested or is ionic community dead? I really love this framework so I will do it not to profit but to keep the interest in ionic growing.


I love Capacitor and i love the open source community.

If you can: Make it open source and maintain it together with the community :blue_heart: