Force enable swipe-back?

The swipe-to-go-back is not enabling on my iOS app for some reason. It’s strange because I had to force the “ionic.Platform.detect()” call to get the classes to properly add to the body.

I’m assuming whatever is causing me to have to manually call detect is also killing the swipe-back feature. There’s no messages in the Web of App console though. Rather than fight through figuring out what’s causing the root problem, is there a way to force-enable the swipe-back feature? I’ve had requests to enable it on the Android app too (I know, not native; clients…), so it could be a double-win if there’s a way to do so.

In case anyone else else has this same issue, the iOS problem was that the “cordova.js” file was not the last script in the source set so the ionic.Platform.ready function never executed.

The second part, enabling for Android, required updating the ionic.bundle.js. The key code was to update the check around self.initSwipeBack(). For my app, I removed the other checks and now only look to see if the swipe back is enabled or not.

IonicModule.controller('$ionicNavView', [ ... ionic.Platform.ready(function() { if ($ionicConfig.views.swipeBackEnabled()) { self.initSwipeBack(); } });