Does "swipe to go back" require on-swipe-right?

I can’t seem to get “swipe to go back” to work unless I add “on-swipe-right” on ion-view (and even then it doesn’t work like it does in the demo).

Can’t find any documentation that might tell me what I need to do or what I’m doing wrong (hopefully one day there will be decent documentation for the Ionic framework).

I saw someone mention that if ion-nav-buttons are used then “swipe to go back” breaks – and I am using ion-nav-buttons, but even if I comment them out it still doesn’t seem to work.

Frustrating to waste this amount of time trying to get this to work when it’s prominently featured (with no explanation from the Ionic team other than a demo).

According to Adam it’s only going to work on iOS Cordova. It’s enabled by default and available since 1.0.0-rc.0 “neodymium-newt”.

like @joseadrian has said, it’s only turned on by default for iOS, since it’s an ios specific feature.

But, like most of our features, they can be configured and turned on


I am developing using IOS and Cordova, but it looks like “swipe to go back” only works occasionally. I removed “on-swipe-right” from ion-view, but without that attribute swipe to go back rarely works.

Sometimes if I swipe about 10 times on the screen it will suddenly go back, and once or twice it worked like the demo video shows it is supposed to work, but most of the time nothing happens.

@zeronil Is your thumb is all the way near the left side of the screen? The swipe to go back feature works like the ios messages app to where you have to be swiping from the far left. There are some apps that let you swipe from the middle like some screens on facebook or snapchat, but ionic swipe to go back is designed after the native ios apps like messages/mail etc.

At first I was swiping from the middle, and saw it wasn’t working then realized that you have to swipe from the left side… You can also change the swipe width from ionicConfig although I’m not sure if changing the value to say a percentage value would have any side effects since it’s not documented

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THANK YOU! That’s it! When I was using “on-swipe-right” you did not have to begin the swipe at the far edge of the screen so I was expecting similar behavior.

Just tested again swiping from the far left and it works consistently. I might take a look at ionicConfig and see if it can be made wider – or maybe I’ll just see what people testing say first (maybe it’s just me that was expecting to be able to swipe from the middle). Thanks again!

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hello, have u found any solution to make wider the swiping?