For which project is Ionic suitable?

is it possible to create a website, an Android app and an IOS app with Ionic using only one codeline/Project? Or would you recommend it? Or you should create the development of Android app, Iphone app and responsive website as two projects. What problems could there be if you tried to realize everything in one project? Or there are certain types of websites, for example online shops, which should not be done with the Ionic Framework?

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I also wanted to have a single code to make for an app and website but I do not find how to change my css to have the right display on a desktop

in principle it works. If you wanna use heavently native whatever, then it is maybe better to split your project into two parts. Also maybe something at your app is critical to whatever, then could the native way a better way. As you see the answer isn’t very specific, because your question isn’t it too.

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@Ludolefrenchy. How should some give you a helpful answer, without any code, problem description, details, whatever that will help people to understand your problem and help you.

So my glasball says: You have a typo.

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Thanks for your answer, Anna.
So, if I want to use things like fingerprint sensor, GPS or push messages, I’d rather do a project for the native app and a project for the website?

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hello @anna_liebt ,
sorry for the late response but I have different problem that i can not solve.
for the main subject I will create 2 codes, 1 for mobile app and 1 for desktop which will allow me to create my element provisions as I need :blush:

thank you for the answer although I was not very clear in my post (I need to be more careful next time) :wink: