First Project with Ionic 4 and Angular 7 (two questions)

Hi guys,

I’m implementing my first project with ionic 4 and angular 7+.

  1. As far as I understood I can use ionic to implement a typical web application for desktop PCs (not for a mobile device). Is this recommended or should I prefer something like DevExtreme? Or should I combine both? Does typical ionic projects use other component libraries like DevExtreme or PrimeNG or do they use only ionic?

  2. Is it common to use Ionic 4 and Bootstrap 4?

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hi, @TheAnonymousMode

  1. Ionic is used for developing mobile apps. It has advantage that you can use same code for android as well as IOS platform. It is not necessary to use only ionic for projects as per your requirement you can use other component libraries by integrating it.

  2. Yes, you can use bootstrap with ionic 4 but normally peoples like to use scss for design.

Hope this will clear your concepts!!!

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Because I already know Ionic, I’m using it to build websites, too. It does work, and works well.

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Yes it is also used for websites but it is more frequently used for developing mobile apps. that’s why I’ve mentioned here that it is used for mobile app development.

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