Firebase Integrations

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We currently have an Ionic 3 app that is using an older Firebase plugin for push notifications. It seems like there are many stale (unsupported?) Firebase plugins like this.

I’m wondering what the most effective Firebase push notification plugin option would be at this stage? Is it safe to say that the Capacitor Push Notification option would at least be free and supported by Ionic, making it likely the safest long-term option?

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For first I would definetly think to upgrade it on Ionic 5…but this is out of topic.

I was struggling with Web Push notificiation. It is relative “easy” to integrate it, but the only big disadvantage that it is not supported by IOS…at the moment.
It might change hope in the near future, then it is a great solution.
However if you want to have some feature (e.g. open your app) then you need to put some extra hours.

Generally I wouls say Capacitor + Firebase definetly good choiche.

To add on that. I think the Ionic team commits to maintain the official capacitor plugins as published on Capacitor - build cross platform apps with the web

There is a push notification plugin so maybe you want to look into this

Thanks @csurja and @Tommertom !

For the iOS support gap noted, I assume that is only for WEB push notifications? In my case we are doing native only push notifications with Firebase. Is it fair to say native push notifications are supported for Android and iOS with the capacitor Push Notification plugin?

For Native it works for both IOS and Android.
As Tom said Ionic support Capacitor.

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